Welcome to JJ Lauren’s Loves!


Welcome To JJ Lauren’s Loves, a new lifestyle and fashion blog!

On this site, I cover all sorts of tips and tricks to help you enjoy life. I also share products that I love and use to help make life easier and more beautiful. I’m all about taking control of your life and becoming the best you can be.

Some blogs make you feel like the writer has it all together. Their outfit, home, and life seems perfect and tidy. This is by no means the case with this one! I rely on Jesus and hard work just to get by. This lifestyle blog is to help  others improve on all the things that can make being an adult easier. I view life as a journey. So the purpose of this blog is share and improve that journey with a community of people like yourself.

I am also an Avon Representative. I love selling and using Avon. You can visit my Avon shop and order online through my link. You can view the most recent brochure online here. If you are interested in selling or have questions about Avon or their products, you can email me anytime.

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