Choosing Your Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue

“Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”

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This wedding tradition originated as an English ritual to bring good luck and prosperity to the bride. Now it is a timeless practice that both makes brides blush and stress.

Some girls gather ideas and trinkets to wear on their wedding day from the time they could walk. Others, like myself, did not start thinking about it until a month before the wedding. This brought on a huge amount of stress. Friends tried to console me. They told me that this tradition was not a necessity, not everyone does it. But I wanted to. I wanted to follow this piece of tradition. So in the last month before the big day, I accumulated a wonderful foursome of jewelry that was incredibly special to me.

Something Old
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For my something old, I chose a necklace of my dearly departed grandmother’s. My grandfather gave me the chain at my Confirmation in middle school. I had displayed it in my childhood room all those years. Because my wedding dress had a super high neckline, I opted to wear it around my wrist instead. The best part was telling my grandfather I would be wearing it and getting a hug and smile from him the day before.

My advice to you would be to choose your something old to be meaningful to you. Of course you could just buy something vintage or antique shop for a cool trinket, but choosing a family heirloom or a gift from someone departed can bring a lot of warmth and familiarity on a day of new beginnings.

Something New
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Many people get something new as a gift from the groom or bride’s family. I was fortunate enough to have the same. My mother bought me small diamond earrings for my wedding. She meant them to be beautiful pieces in my cartilage piercings (where I typically wear them now), but for that day they were too precious of a gift to hide. I wore them in my second piercing so that the world could see them.

If perhaps you do not have the luxury of someone giving you something as your something new, then grab your girls and go shopping. It does not have to be something expensive. It can be something fun that you make memories choosing together. Besides most brides are already wearing something new without trying like the dress, shoes and hairpieces.

Something Borrowed
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Since my something old had belonged to my maternal grandmother, I thought it only fitting to have something to show my love of my paternal grandmother as well. I called my grandmother and she brought a beautiful bracelet 900 miles to my wedding. While of course the greatest joy was having her there, I loved wearing this piece as well.

My best advice is to ask someone special for your something borrowed. This may mean grandparents, parents, childhood bestfriends, future sister-in-laws, or your friends’ mothers who were always there for you too. Everyone has someone special to them, even if they are not going to make it your special day.

Something Blue
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Something blue is definitely the most creative of the bunch. There are so many options out there. I’m pretty sure Etsy makes a killing on something blue merchandise during wedding season. Some brides hide their something blue, while others wear it proudly. I chose to hide mine with these two delicate blue stones in my cartilage piercing. They were discreetly hidden by my hairdo but I thought they were a cute and simple. They perfectly rounded out the saying, making all four pieces jewelry.

My only advice is have fun with this one. You can do so much with something blue. Blue shoes are always adorable. Also, monogrammed blue stitching on the inside of your dress is a cute touch. Choose something that fits your personality and will make you smile at the memory for years to come.


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