5 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online

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Just so you know – I HAVE TRIED ALL OF THESE. I’m only sharing things I know you can be successful at!

Who doesn’t like the idea of making money from home? Haven’t we all researched how to make money on the side with just our computer? I know I have.

Maybe it’s just for fun, maybe it’s to cover a bill here or there, or maybe you want to completely replace your full-time income. Whatever you’re hoping for, I want to share with you only money-making ventures that I have tried.

I will caution you, you can make money with all of these different methods, but all of these require some type of time and effort. I’ve noticed for me the more time and effort put into each of these, the more the reward. It’s easy to give up when things don’t go your way immediately, but I encourage you to look at people who are successful in each of these. They did not become successful overnight. Sometimes it takes a long time and hard work to build the customer base needed for success.

1. Direct Sales Marketing

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Direct Sales Marketing sometimes receives a bad reputation, simply because you probably see a lot of this clogging up your Facebook feed. It seems that someone is always trying to sell you something. There are, however, some classy ways of selling through Direct Sales Marketing.

Direct Sales Marketing is actually my favorite thing I have tried. I, personally, sell Avon and LOVE IT. I sell it because I love the product and use it myself.

Avon is one company that allows you to completely sell products online. Your investment for your starter kit can be as little as $25. Then Avon gives you your own website through which your customers can buy products and you receive the commission. A lot of people in the past had a bad experience with Avon because they invested so much into brochures and samples with little profit, but now depending on how you choose to run your business, you can simply share the free online brochure. No brochures or samples = no cost to you. Simply share your website link and allow everyone to go through it to buy your products. Learn more – Read Selling Avon – The Facts.

Interested in this opportunity? I’m always willing to answer questions if you email me at jjlaurensloves@gmail.com . Or ready to sign up? Click here and put your reference code as JJLAUREN . That reference code allows you to become part of my team so that I can help you and guide you along the way.

2. Blogging

Do you have something special you are good at and would like to share with others? DIYs? Fashion? Make-up?

There are so many ways to make money through blogging. You can do ads, affiliate marketing or promote your own products. Blogging is definitely one of the ones I warned you about earlier, as far as you get out what you put in. It takes time and effort to become successful at blogging. Very few become an overnight success, but I do believe that if you work hard you can make it.

My site is self-hosted through Bluehost and use their free WordPress Install to run my site. Being self-hosted allows me to own my own site name and run my site as I see fit. Some of the free sites do not allow you to use ads or affiliates and therefore constrain your money making ability. They also sometimes put obnoxious words in your domain name such as “.blog” or “.wordpress”. Self-hosting through Bluehost can be as cheap as $3.95 a month. Check it out through my link here.

3. Etsy

Are you crafty? Do you make DIYs that other people will want to buy? Do you make cute printable items on your computer? Then Etsy might be the place for you. Etsy is an online marketplace of all things handmade.

My journey with Etsy started with beaded bracelets. They are a hobby for me to make. Read why I have my Etsy shop here. I treat my Etsy shop like a hobby, and just make a few bucks here and there. For some people though, Etsy can be way more than a side hobby, it can be a full time job!

Etsy has a very low cost of $0.20 a listing. But they also take a 3.5% of any sales made.

Ready to start your own Etsy shop. Click here to receive 40 free listings through my link.

4. Surveys

You would have to put a lot more effort into surveys than I do to make a full-time income. They are good for a $5 gift card here or there, if you want a little extra in your pocket.

My favorite is the Swagbucks app. This app constantly has surveys for me, and there are other ways of earning money on this app too, such as watching movie trailers and trying products. I’ve already earned more than a $5 gift cards worth and I spend very, very little time on the app. Want to try it out? Click here and receive 150 free Swagbucks (equal to $1.50) just for signing up.

Another app I’ve used is Surveys on the Go. It has not been quite as profitable for me, but the surveys are sometimes shorter than Swagbucks; however, there are not always surveys available, whereas Swagbucks almost always has some way to earn a little.

5. Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is really popular right now. Many people do it in conjunction with blogging, but it can be done solely through social media outlets (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). Affiliate marketing is basically promoting products for other companies. This can be done through link sharing or through relationships you form with companies.

I, personally, use Amazon Associates and Target Affiliates and promote their products on my blog. Why? Because I actually own and use their products! Promoting things you believe in goes a lot further than just trying to sell people products. These two programs are known accept newbies. Other programs may require you to have an established audience before acceptance. Amazon and Target allow me to view clicks and purchases and keep up to date on how I am doing.

There is no cost to sign up with either of these programs. Depending on how you choose to advertise products you may or may not buy the product beforehand.

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