Double Team Dark Circles with VIICode Under-Eye Mask

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Stop Hiding

Often on make-up and lifestyle blogs, we give tips and tricks to cover up under-eye dark circles. We recommend different concealers, foundations, brush strokes, and highlighting to cover up those unsightly colors that show the world how tired we really are. But what if instead of trying to hide and cover the dark circles under our eyes we simply got rid of them all together??

How it Works

I know what you’re thinking. I can’t get more sleep, I’ve got kids, jobs, side hustles, a house, and a pet. More sleep is really what we all need, but when you can’t get more sleep, VIICode has a solution. VIICode’s gel eye masks help get rid of dark circles WHILE you sleep. Sleep + VIICode = Double Teaming those hideous dark circles. The two separate under eye masks are soft and comfortable to wear all night long.

Each package of VIICode comes with six pairs of masks. You use them two to three times a week, and simply sleep in them. That’s it, sleep! It couldn’t get easier! You can make it part of your night time routine without adding any extra time.

You can wear VIICode for up to 8 hours, which is much longer than many competitor masks. If necessary, you can wear them for as short as two hours and still see results. Three boxes of masks or 18 masks is a full treatment.VIICode undereye, dark circles mask

Start Fighting

So what are you waiting for? Stop trying to cover up dark circles and get rid of them today. Click here to receive $3 off your first box of VIICode under eye gel masks using coupon code: GNVIGIDN.






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