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Why a Habit Tracker?

At JJ Lauren’s Loves we are all about self-improvement and we wanted to provide you with a free tool to help you do that. Habit trackers are a good way to measure your daily activities and your progress toward who you want to become.

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How Do You Use A Habit Tracker?

In the habit tracker we provide, there is a space on the left for you to write whatever habit it is that you want to work on. We provided twenty lines for habits. Then everyday you mark down what you accomplished.

Ways to Mark Your Habit Tracker

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There are many ways to mark your habit tracker, each as individual as you are. My favorite is the diagonal stripes (the one on the bottom of the image to the left). When you use the diagonal stripes, the more you days you fill in the prettier your habit tracker looks! It’s great motivation for those of us that are perfectionists!

Another cute way to mark your habit tracker is with alternating colors. This will liven up your page as the month goes on!

Always Remember…

You don’t need to be perfect. So please don’t try. We use habit tracker to try to improve ourselves, for our own betterment. If you constantly try for perfection, you’ll end up burned out and frustrated, which isn’t good. Remember to take time for yourself and relax every now and then!

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