About JJ Lauren’s Loves

Thanks for stopping by my page! I am so happy you landed here!

Green shirt, leggings, knit vest, jj lauren, steve madden boots, fall bootsA little about me: I am a 24-year-old girl with a full time job and I am working on my Masters part time. I also have an Etsy Shop that I just started.

The things I love are God, Life, Fashion and DIYs and that is what I will share with you on this site!

I grew up with a mom that loved home design and DIYs. I learned to sew and knit in elementary school. My mom taught me so much about saving money and doing things for myself. But like most young people I was not always eager to learn everything from my mother.

I jumped into my twenties and living with friends and on my own and realized there was so much I didn’t know: for example, cooking (an essential), how to get stains out of my favorite colored jeans, and how to fix the pillow my puppy shredded. For some of these I ran to my phone and called for my mother’s help, but for most of them I ran to my phone and opened up my Pinterest app or Google. Much of what I learned throughout college and my early 20s, I’ve learned from the internet (and yes, I know the internet has a TON of bad advice out there). Yet, I did learn a lot of things about fashion, budgeting, makeup and organization on Pinterest.

That is mostly the reason I am doing this. I am hoping to give girls just like me a safe place to go to learn little tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way in this crazy life.


JJ Lauren